We would like to take this opportunity and say Thank you!

- to the people who are always on our side, love us and support us,
without them we wouldn't even be here - to our Parents and Family.

- to our friends who believed in us, supported, helped and encouraged us to start this project

Especially to Tracey and Andrew (who shared some ideas and showed us - it could really work out)

- to Jenny and Andrew (who helped us with the very first web site drafts, then first recommendations and wonderful support throughout)

- to Anne (for being the first who knocked to our door, for helping us to put the English language side of our web site just right)

- to Del (again for this language support and getting correct wording)

- to Dino and Nikki (for understanding and helping us change our lives so smooth that we just couldn't do without Them)

- to Maggie and David (who have trusted us and allowed to take photographs in their Home for our web site)

- to Oli who designed our new LOGO and helped with our Holiday Cottages project!

- to Sharron and Pete for pointing out these terrible, terrible mistakes on our website

- to Ben for his AMAZING help with Copywriting and pulling together 2nd Homes Packages