At Ryedale Cleaners we try to be 'a one stop shop' as they say - for services related with Property Management/Cleaning.

We use professional equipment for carpet cleaning and scrubbing rotary machines for hard floors.

Either of these services usually comes handy at One Off cleans, but we are happy to book you in for this particular service too!


Ideally we'd like to see the job before, discuss the options, measure the space and give you the quote. Once you're happy with it, once you have accepted it - will then either start straight away or agree on a day that will suit you.

The basic price is based on £3 per square metre. However, the total quote will include the overall carpet condition, the level of soiling, whether it's a refresh clean or requires spotting treatment. Please note, that not every stain is possible to remove (especially if was attempted already) - therefore we guarantee to do as much a possible but we do not guarantee stain removal.

The Minimum charge: £50


Hard floors, especially stone floors which are porous tend to get dirty quite quickly.. Especially when they are not sealed. This is where we can help, using safe for the floor cleaning solution, together with our rotary machine we will clean almost all the floors

Basic price is based on £10 per square metre.

The Minimum charge: £50