We believe that the outside of the property is as important as the inside. We also believe that maintaining and preventing works much better then repairing and regretting. It also saves money in a long run, without saying - it improves the 'kerb appeal'.

Conservatory cleaning

When we started using water fed pole (reach and wash) system, it allowed us to offer even more to our customers. It allowed us to offer you something new, safe and very efficient.
For this job however we need and outside water tap as we usually start initial scrub using mains water and detergent. Then we finish off with pure water rinse, allowing it to dry naturally.
Let us know if you are interested, we are happy to come, explain, give you a quote and agree on a suitable time. The price depends on where it is, how big it is and its condition.

The minimum charge: £80.

Pressure washing

We use professional pressure washers but we do need to connect to the outside water tap and power socket. We are able to clean patios, driveways, sidewalks but also fences or walls...
Price depends on circumstances. How much cleaning/clearing there is to be done before the actual pressure washing (ie. leaves to sweep, branches, plant pots to remove, garden furniture etc...), finishing to the drainage conditions.

The price for this service works at just over £2/m2.

The minimum charge: £50.