2nd Homes Management

Whether you live locally or many miles away, managing a property is hard work and is often burdensome on both your time and your wallet. Worse still, things only ever go wrong when you’re not there to sort them out and this invariably means calling out expensive service providers at the last minute. Do you feel uncomfortable having to ask friends or neighbours to keep an eye on your property? Are you concerned about potential problems such as occasional leaks and other faults? Are you failing to comply with the terms of your insurance cover? Relax, let us look after everything and provide you with total peace of mind. Our service include checks both inside and outside your property and is specifically tailored to meet your individual requirements. Choose from our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages or call us to discuss your needs.

Second home insurance

Did you know that Second Home insurance policies are usually somewhat different to normal household insurance policies? A typical policy condition states: “if the house is unoccupied for longer than 30 days, you must get someone to inspect the property every 7 days.” You are usually asked to confirm whether you reside at the property and if not, you need to specify how often you use the property. Failure to accurately disclose the extent to which you live at the property may invalidate it or lead to the policy being cancelled and/or any claim being refused. This might not only prevent you from recovering under the policy but may affect your ability to obtain further cover.

What we do

  • Ensure the terms and conditions of your second home insurance policy are complied with
  • Post – (mail collection, mail redirection and junk mail disposal)
  • Cleaning – provide standard cleaning services or a lighter, ‘Keep on Top’ clean depending on the package chosen
  • Boiler and fuel tank condition – (we ensure there is enough fuel, we adjust the heating according to the weather conditions) and we call in our plumbers/gas engineers to get your boiler serviced
  • Alarm and fire system function – (we test the system regularly to ensure it will work properly when needed. We can also arrange the servicing
  • Pests – (we check for any activity, trace infestations, call in pest control where necessary)
  • Chimneys – we arrange a chimney sweep
  • Waste Bins/Recycling bins, we arrange to pull them out for collection and then bring back once emptied
  • Extras – as part of the Platinum package we can provide a number of additional services (see below)

In the event of an issue

  • If we find anything wrong, we will immediately contact you via text message, email or WhatsApp (as agreed in advance) with photographs or videos outlining the problem.
  • We will either use our own skilled staff to resolve the issue where possible or appoint one of our quality-approved sub-contractors to take care of work that we either can’t or aren’t allowed to do for legal reasons. We work with local gas engineers, electricians and plumbers and other providers. We can even schedule your yearly boiler service, attend and provide access.
  • We will then provide a full written report of any work carried out to ensure that you’re kept up to date and informed about any issues that may arise in the future.

Examples of potential issues.

We all make mistakes and are forgetful from time to time. Unfortunately mistakes can be dangerous and costly if not spotted quickly and attended to. Typical examples include leaving the oven on; leaving the fridge door open which can result in the freezer defrosting and flooding; leaving food in the fridge; leaving lights on; leaving windows open; leaving taps running; forgetting to set the alarm; forgetting to change batteries in smoke alarms etc.


(provided as part of the Platinum package)

  • Grocery shopping upon arrival – we can purchase most things prior to your arrival allowing you to relax immediately. We can arrange anything from a basic welcome pack to a specialised local food hamper. We will also unpack it and put it all away!
  • Laundry – before or after your visit we can ensure your linen is up to scratch, laundered and ironed. We either use in-house facilities or can arrange with our local laundry.
  • Anniversaries or special occasions – surprise your loved one. How about champagne and strawberries in your bedroom?
  • Reservations – Having dinner at nearby restaurants? Let us book it for you and organise transport.

Simply contact us to discuss your needs.
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