How to choose a good window cleaner?

Choosing a good window cleaner doesn't really have to be difficult...

Firstly we'd need to define what a good window cleaner means. Term 'good' means different things for different people. We've come across clients who describe their window cleaner as good but for instance - he does not clean the frames, at all. It is not included in the service. He says I'm a window cleaner, not a frame cleaner..

Fair enough.

However, these days, we think - especially with the use of pure water and water fed pole cleaning, frames, sills, it is all as standard. This always should be cleaned, every time, no excuses.

Good may also mean that someone actually comes when they say they would, or when they are due.. We've heard horrible stories of a window cleaner not appearing for months... no reason. Or 'He supposed to be this Wednesday but never came.. '

Does a good window cleaner mean, they will let you know when they come? Does it matter? Well, for some it does. Imagine houses with rear access, not so easy, with locked gates, codes OR some you'd need to get through by walking through the actual house. (yes, we have one like that, it's a holiday cottage)

A simple text, WhatsApp, email or Facebook message to let you know when (of course if you want/need to know) it's a nice touch! Yes!

For some - good, means - cheap. Or to put it politely - reasonable priced.
We always say, the price is irrelevant - if you're happy with the price you pay, together with the overall service delivered - that's it. It's as simple as that.

A method
Does a good mean they use water fed pole system with pure water or rather a traditional clean using ladder and squeegee. Both are great, new technology is better and better, some people prefer this or that. There is no right or wrong. We like water fed, pure water and using poles. It allows us to reach higher, safer, to clean veluxes, skylights. All that without the use of ladders. Which is also the preferred method by the Health of Safety Department. (
Some say it's also more environmentally friendly, no chemicals.

Some talk about the professionalism, where they point a guy in a professionally sign van with logo, always uniformed, company website and all that palava.
Here is yes and no... I mean - we do have all of this but I truly believe that it's not needed to do a professional, good job. That's it. It looks good, it means good. It means - if someone has invested few thousands pounds in the business it means, they are serious about it - it means they take pride in what they do.

Everyone is different
What we truly believe in honesty. You can read our Philosophy sentence in our T&Cs.
So, as long as your are happy with the service (regardless if that's us or someone else), and you have accepted the price, and you can be honest with yourself especially - this means your window cleaner is a good window cleaner.