Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity and say Thank you!

- to people who are always on our side, love us and support,
without them we wouldn't even be here - to our Parents and Family.

- to our friends who believed in us, supported, helped and encouraged us to start this project

Especially to Tracey and Andrew (who shared some ideas and showed it could really work out)

- to Jenny and Andrew (who helped us with the very first web site drafts, then first recommendations and wonderful support throughout)

- to Anne (for being the first who knocked to our door, for helping us to put the English language side of our web site just right)

- to Del (again for this language support and getting correct wording)

- to Dino and Nikki (for understanding and helping us change our lives so smooth that we just couldn't do without Them)

- to Maggie and David (who have trusted us and allowed to take pictures in their home to use for our web site)

- to Oli who designed our new LOGO and helped with our Holiday Cottages project!

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