House cleaning

We offer a professional cleaning service to a very high standard and charge competitive rates. Whenever possible, we will arrange a time that suits you.
Please note that we provide all necessary materials and equipment, however if a job requires any specific products please make sure that they are on site.
A Green Cleaning option is available in which most of the cleaning is done using Ha-Ra products.

Office cleaning

Maintaining a pleasant, professional and hygienic office environment for staff and visitors alike is critical. Research shows that the visual appearance of an office plays a big part in the overall impression of a business and the service that it provides.

First impressions are very important but beyond that, all facility users expect high standards of cleanliness at all times. Good hygiene, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, reduces the spread of bacteria and minimises staff sickness.

We understand that our clients want to focus on the importance of their businesses without the daily pressure of providing a clean and safe working environment.

This is where Ryedale Cleaners comes in.

Once you’ve got in touch with us, the first thing we would want to do is to meet with you at your premises to discuss your requirements in detail. It is important to us to fully understand your specific requirements. Perhaps in the past standards have been an issue, or there has been a problem with staff attendance or retention or a lack of effective supervision, or the time of day the cleaning was being performed was not a good fit with your working times and business. We will take these factors into account and target these improvement areas.

Holiday cottage changeover service

We offer the perfect solution for the holiday home business and specialise in luxury holiday cottages. Our Total Cleaning service is ideal for changeover days. We can also arrange to change the bed linen, renew the towels and bath robes, etc. Used laundry can be sorted, recorded and dispatched for washing. We work closely with a local laundry service ensuring we are always ready to provide our guests with fresh bedding and towels. An inclusive service involving checking for faulty light bulbs, smoke alarms, TV and audio comes as standard.

This service links very well with our Management sevices, which you peace of mind as we look after your property. We can also provide advertising space for your cottage on our website.

Window cleaning

     We have been offering an additional window cleaning service ever since we first started Ryedale Cleaners. While the inside windows have always been easy to clean, the outside windows have been dealt with using the traditional ladder, soap and leather.
      However, in 2016 we decided to upgrade the way we clean external windows to use the latest equipment available on the market. This uses filtrated and purified water that allows the windows to dry naturally, leaves no smears and gives excellent results.
     Recent experience has told us that, while some people can at first glance be a little cautious about the new purified water method, once they have tried it they are delighted with the results. It is for this reason that we have decided to offer it to our customers now.
Please note that: